I believe we each have within us a vast storehouse of unconscious internal resources available for growth and change.  Therapy is about connecting and aligning these unconscious resources creatively, so they can be used in the context in which they are most needed.

How a problem is conceptualized is extremely important to open awareness, insight and activate change. People become symptomatic when they don’t believe they have any choices.   As distressing as they are - these symptoms, often expressed as difficult emotions, are unconsciously pushing us to move forward and change.  


From this frame of reference therapy is best seen as an opportunity to grow; an educational experience to expand. Understanding your own personal process is key to building insight and awareness.  All experience is subjective.  It's the method of how we do what we do that matters most.  When we align with this deeper vibration, autonomy, congruence and cohesion join to support the cause.


As we begin to process challenges as component parts of the new solution, contextual shifts take place.  Internal skill sets are formed and resources are juxtaposed in the context in which they are needed.  Integration of ideas thoughts, feelings, attitudes and perceptions all combine to shape new life experience.  Therapy is not something to dread but rather an insightful journey of learning; a process to enjoy.