I am excited to formally announce the addition of MBT Clinical Consulting as a service offering locally in the Murrieta Temecula area.  As a licensed MFT, I have worked as a consultant for the past 20+ years.  Services include 1099 Contracted Groups for the Addition Recovery Industry, Group Homes, and ABA Programs locally in the Murrieta / Temecula area.  A brief summary of groups are described as follows: 

Music Based Therapy / Songwriting Groups 

MBT Groups employ a wide variety of music assisted experiences.  Groups utilize digital drumming, songwriting, recording, hand drum circles and open mic sessions to help members access creativity and change.  Instrumentation currently available includes digital drums, percussion instruments, keyboards, electric and bass guitars, vocal microphones and recording capabilities for mp3 downloads of songs written and recorded during session.  

RhythmMeditations Groups 

Reading, writing or talking - all communications have their own distinct rhythm.  Negative self talk generally has a disordered asynchronized rhythm, often beginning at the unconscious level.  These negative self statements are usually involuntarily tied together in linear patterns of rhythm.     

Rhythms flow best when simplified and played with an economy of motion.  RhythmMeditations are based on the premise that interrupting surface thought patterns is easier that attempting to change their content.  Step one is to pattern disrupt the negative disordered self-statements and replace them with soothing sounds and calming rhythms.  

A meditative state is realized by combining a calming environment, soft lighting, etherial soundscapes, isolation headphones, deep breathing and soothing guided imagery to achieve heightened states of total relaxation.   

Experiential Hot Seat Groups 

The Hot Seat is a powerful therapeutic technique first employed by Fritz Perls, the father of Gestalt Therapy.  The experience allows group members to improve flexibility, shift roles and move into a more clinical mindset often expanding insights and awareness in the process.  The group is a popular favorite, often yielding inspirational outcomes.    

ABA Groups

ABA Groups are designed to utilize music and drumming as a connective framework, allowing participants the opportunity to indirectly improve social skills in a new context. Difficult emotions can be expressed creatively in a pro-social manner, allowing participants to tie skillsets learned in the musical format back to real life challenges.  


Music breaks down resistance, opening up a creative platform for members to improve listening skills, enhance impulse control while having fun in the process.  Soothing music and rhythms help to build focus, cohesion, and improve overall social connections in relationships.  


Group Format

Consulting offers your clients and participants a quality specialized experience that is creative, motivational and fun; engaging the right brain creative response cycle.  MBT Clinical Consulting has flexibility, and can be done either at my private practice in Temecula or on-site at your location.   

Motivation and integration are a key feature of my work.  In all groups, the clinical goal is to develop the necessary resources in the context in which they are needed. Flexibility is key!  Groups can be customized to support your clinical goals, designed to benefit the specialized needs of your clients.  

This is my passion; to help improve the lives of people who have suffered at the hands of emotional trauma, isolation, pain, and addiction.  If this is an experience you feel would benefit your clients, I would love to talk with you more about the program and your needs!  


I can be reached at (951) 234-9290 and look forward to the possibility of working together in the future!

Jim Anderson, MFT

MBT Clinical Consulting 

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